The following pictures show some of our recently completed projects, covering a range of different materials, skills and techniques. We are able to carry out most requests, however unusual, so please contact us to discuss your own specific requirements.
Replacement flat roof:


Flat roofs are notorious for leaking. At Garman & Priestley, we've applied our years of yachtbuilding knowledge to offer a vastly superior alternative. This picture shows the original flat roof stripped of felt and displaying signs of water ingress.


The finished roof, with the timber replaced and finished in fibreglass (G.R.P). Whilst traditional felt roofs have a limited lifespan, our g.r.p. roofs offer an extremely long lasting maintenance free alternative. We use the same materials and techniques producing our roofs that we have previously used in the manufacture of round the world yacht hulls! A choice of top colours is available too, and the surface can be walked on without fear of damage. For total peace of mind, consider replacing your old flat roofs with our modern alternative before they begin to leak.



This project involved removing the old fireplace and filling in the alcove above to provide a smoother and more modern appearance.  The fire surround was in marble and solid beech, and this led onto the next project, a bespoke staircase.


The room that the fireplace was fitted to had a dark mahogany staircase, and it was suggested to the client that this was changed to beech to offer a matching theme in the room.  Hence a bespoke solid beech staircase was made in the joinery workshop of Garman & Priestley and installed into the room to match the fireplace. 

The above photograph shows the hand-selected beech boards awaiting conversion in the workshop.

The completed open staircase, finished to match the fireplace.