Garman & Priestley Ltd was formed several years ago by two individuals with the same work ethic and goals. Our ethos is simple;  to do the best possible work and offer the best possible service to our customers.  Since we formed our company, we've never advertised, and have always kept busy due to the fact that we're constantly recommended.  These 'word of mouth' recommendations are something we're immensely proud of. Here is a bit more about the founders: 


 Matthew Garman has always loved making anything and everything.  A love of working with wood led to him initially training as a wooden yacht builder, and he spent several years making and fitting out luxury yachts, both in the UK and around Europe.  He then moved into the construction industry, where he has since been involved in many aspects of the building trade.  He still loves getting commissions to build bespoke wooden furniture and of course boats, but loves the variety of work that he now has, from extensions and new builds, to bathrooms and kitchens.  His own house is currently under complete conversion, and will one day (if he gets the time!) be a 'Grand Design' and showcase for his many abilities.                    

 Mark Priestley also comes from a yachtbuilding background, where quality and attention to detail are the main qualities required.  Never happy to simply do the same job day after day, it resulted in him gaining numerous skills within the construction industry. This variety of work, and the unique challenges that every job poses, makes the job so rewarding for him.  Between the two of them, plus their employees, they have never yet been faced with a task that couldn't be completed successfully.

 The following is a quote from Dragons Den star, entrepreneur and health club owner, Duncan Bannatyne, taken from his book, "Anyone Can Do It":

"I've often been asked why I name my businesses after inspires me to do my best...I'm only ever going to put my name to something I believe in.  Knowing that my brand, and my name, could be tarnished by bad publicity is a huge motivator to ensure that all my staff are professional, that my business delivers and that all my customers are satisfied.  The next time you are flicking through Yellow Pages looking for a reputable company, try the guy who's named the company after himself. The chances are he feels the way I do."

When we were trying to choose our company name, we had these same sentiments....we're happy to put our name to our work!

A big thank you to Duncan Bannatyne for allowing us to use this quote on our website.